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We are a small team of dedicated expert mortgage brokers equipped to help you find the best mortgage for your home and business.

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The Mortgage Brigade™ is an Independent Mortgage Broker established in 2018. A team of expert mortgage brokers, equipped to help you find the best mortgage for your home and business.

When forming the company our objectives at The Mortgage Brigade™ was to provide honest, transparent, reliable advice fast, so you know you are getting the best solution to fit your needs and circumstances.


As we are an independent broker, you know our advice is always going to be unbiased and impartial. We explore the whole scope of the market, offering you the best mortgage deals.

At The Mortgage Brigade™ we support our clients from the initial meeting with us to the moment they have the keys for their new home.We make house buying a simple process from start to finish and are always available to help and assist. 


The Mortgage Brigade™ is not your conventional mortgage brokers who work Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. We are here to support our clients and work seven days a week, Monday to Sundays 8am- 8pm. You will be appointed an adviser who will accompany you through your individual mortgage journey.

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